Hot Leathers DOT Approved Red Skull Helmet (Black, Small)

Hot Leathers DOT approved motorcycle helmet has red skull design on a gloss black helmet with adjustable neck strap. DOT helmets are manufactured in accordance with the latest technology and safety standards and are specifically designed for motorcycling. These helmets meet or exceed DOT standards for every U.S. state. Helmet shells are constructed of an extremely durable ABS thermoplastic resin. An impact-absorbent inner liner and inner comfort padding provides extra protection and the perfect fit. It has noise-reducing earflaps to accommodate Bluetooth devices or headphone ear buds and has a fully adjustable chin strap with heavy-duty D-ring fasteners underneath. Snap buttons on either side of open face models make it easy to attach an optional face shield (not included). Do not use solvents, petrol or other detergents but only neutral soap and water to clean the shell and inner padding.
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Simply The Best Digital SLR Camera – Period

So, you’ve decided to make the jump from simple point and shoot cameras into the realm of SLR photography. If you’ve done any sort of research, your mind and eyeballs are probably reeling from an overload of information. Digital SLR photography, is one those hobbies that is rich with technological jargon. It gets worse, if your one of the perfectionist type that really likes to minutely analyze any major purchase . . . intent on getting the best digital SLR camera for your money. You could be in for a long bumpy ride. Today it’s time to shorten that ride and smooth out the bumps.Lets get right to it. It’s very true, that the immense popularity of digital cameras (SLR and otherwise) and rapid technical advances have produced a glut of choices and features that can be bewildering to the average consumer. Those same trends have have also pushed manufactures and retail establishments to be highly competitive in both design and pricing. That’s something that can only benefit the consumer. In a couple of ways actually. Not only do you have a bevy of choices, but the vast majority of those SLR choices are really good cameras. Long story short . . . it’s hard to go wrong in this category. I’ll make it even simpler for you. Pick any one of the following three digital SLR cameras, and you won’t be disappointed. They are the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, the Nikon D40, and the Olympus Evolt E510. As of this writing, the 10 megapixels flavors for these cameras are all available for about $600. That includes a basic kit lens. That feels like highway robbery, compared to the $1000 I paid for a good point and shoot digital just a few years back.

When looking for the best digital SLR camera you can find, the important word to remember is “YOU”. Ask a dozen camera enthusiasts why they their favourite camera is their favourite, and you likely get a dozen answers. Every photographer takes pictures for different reasons, values different attributes in the finished pictures, and handles a camera differently. And so will you. A good hands-on exercise before making your final selection, would be to go to a speciality camera store with lots of models on hand, during a non busy time. Try out as many models as you can, taking pictures of people, things, shadows, and any odd lighting areas of the store you can. Try different lenses to. Have lots of questions for the sales people, but take their answers with a grain of salt. They are sales people after all. The actual experience of handling and using the camera should be your final factor in making your decision. Not specifications like burst mode, megapixels, ISO, or sensor size. The best digital camera, is the one that enables YOU to take the best pictures you can.

5.11 Tactical #42056 Long Sleeve Professional Polo Shirt (Silver Tan, Medium)

Law enforcement, military and fire professionals worldwide consistently choose the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts for both on and off-duty wear. The Professional Polo Shirts have been selected for casual uniform wear throughout the country. Made of 100% cotton, specially treated not to fade, wrinkle or shrink, this professional polo shirts provide a neat, clean and professional look even after over 20 washings. These professional polo shirts are perfect for special programs such as bicycle patrol, casual on duty work, training facility wear, office wear and any other duty which does not demand a formal uniform. The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are made to the high standards demanded by Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Professionals.  The no roll collar has flexible stays which keep the collars from rolling at the edges. The pen pockets are stitched to endure constant use and all seams are designed for both comfort and durability.5.11 Tactical Series uses only Melamine buttons on the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts. Melamine buttons don’t crack or break, can withstand the heat of an iron and have a very professional look. The stitching and materials used in the construction of the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are of the highest quality.The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are the ultimate in comfort and fit.  The 100% cotton fabric gives them a soft feel and they are tailored to keep you looking great. They are available for both men and women of all sizes and come ready to wear right out the bag.Because the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts do not wrinkle, shrink or fade, it is an exceptional value.  Most professional polo shirts on the market can be worn only a few times before losing a neat, clean and professional look. The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts outlast other polo shirts by such a great factor and are so reasonably priced, it just makes sense to wear the best.  Accept no substitutes.
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Kodak Playsport ZX3 – Perfect Camcorder To Capture Your Under Water Adventure Moments

The Kodak Playsport Zx3 is the latest model from Kodak and one of the bestselling waterproof digital camcorders. It’s a perfect choice for those who love doing outdoor activities, especially under water. Kodak ZX3 is not only able to record a Full HD movie (1080p), but also to capture a still image with its 5MP camera. The result is definitely incomparable with what the latest dSLR camera produces, however should still be adequate to capture your under water adventure moments.Kodak ZX3 can withstand the pressure of being under water up to 10 feet (10 ft) or 3m. So, whether you plan to dive in a beautiful diving site or simply playing with your families in the beach or pool, you can count on this little camcorder to capture all your events. Due to its main purpose for underwater activities, this camera doesn’t have any viewfinder. Rest assured, though, since the built-in 2-inch LCD display is as easy to use as the viewfinder. Kodak also packs this camera with built-in image-stabilization to help you getting clear, blur-free images.

Coming in a small body doesn’t necessarily make this movie maker a fragile one. Playsport ZX3 is made of durable material which will not crack even if you accidentally let it off your grasp onto the ground. The durability factor makes this camera a good choice for not only under water activities but also all sorts of adventure, such as kayaking, mountain biking, etc.Kodak ZX3 enable you to capture and share your under water adventure moments in just three easy steps:

Bring it along with you wherever you go, simply put it in your pocket
Press the record button whenever you want to capture a moment
Edit the pictures/video and share it via popular video sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, etc.All in all, Kodak Playsport ZX3 is the perfect camcorder to capture your under water adventure moments. It is currently being sold at a price way below $175, making it a must have for your next adventure trips.

Canon PowerShot SX210IS Digital Camera (14x Optical Zoom, 14 MP)

Canon’s stab at the emerging megazoom compact digital camera market has resulted in the powerful Canon PowerShot SX210IS. Slightly larger than the average compact, the camera fits well in the larger pockets or backpack but is a bit of a tight fit for your average jeans pocket. The design is simple, featuring rounded curves and in a metallic casing that comes in black, purple and gold. The camera’s flash flips open on the top but this leaves very little space to grip but you can keep the flash down if you want. Controls are a bit on the small side but are simple and responsive. Features and functions are mostly accessed via the menu interface.

Feature-wise the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is one of the more powerful megazoom compacts in the market as it has 14-megapixel sensor to go with a 14x optical zoom. It has a good automatic mode that is standard of most Canon cameras but can also switch to manual and semi-manual modes. In these modes you can adjust various settings on the fly like exposure, shutter speed and aperture. The camera takes video as well, recording in H.264.MOV files. Like other compacts it uses SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC flash memory cards. Performance for the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is very good, with image quality bordering on prosumer and DSLR sharpness and color accuracy. However, the camera isn’t as fast as other compact point-and-shoots with a shot-to-shot time of 3.5 seconds without flash and 5.8 seconds with flash. Camera battery life is a bit short as well, only lasting for 260 shots on a single charge.

All in all, the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is the perfect megazoom compact for those who follow the old-school methods of properly framing their shots and videos. The camera’s powerful features do well for this type of photographer as image quality is on par if not equal with more expensive prosumer models.

How To Talk To Your Tween About Money

Teaching financial literacy has been my passion. Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to speak to parents who want to know how to talk to their children about money and want tips to help them become more independent before they go off into the real world.For many parents it seems like just yesterday that your children were on their way to kindergarten, but now that they’re in middle school things seem to be happening way too fast. Tweens seem to go from having play dates to group movie dates right in front of your eyes.And they’re fashion conscious and brand sensitive far earlier than we ever were. This is all the more reason for us to help them get a financial grip on money and the need for saving by talking to them early and often about ways to save and spend money responsibly.Here are a few things you can do to get your tween ready for the day when you’ll need to cut the strings and watch them spread their well-prepared financial wings.Giving your tween an allowance is a great money move. It will help you as a parent reign in their budget-busting requests while teaching them the value of a dollar and saving for the things they really just “must” have.In her book, “Kids and Money: Giving Them the Savvy to Succeed Financially,” author Jayne A. Pearl says this about giving your children a fixed spending budget. “Allowance is an effective way to start transmitting to your kids financial literacy, values, and decision-making skills.”When tweens have access to money they can better understand the meaning of it and the proper ways to use it. Trying to help them understand the basics of money management using something that they have earned and saved for is powerful. Often that new “thing” they just had to have when you were paying for it becomes less important to them when they come to realize that it will greatly reduce the amount of money they will have left.If your family doesn’t embrace the allowance concept but still wants to help your children have first-hand experience with money management, another way to teach tweens about money is through interactive learning experiences and board games such as:LifePaydayMonopoly Jr.The Allowance Game andCashflow for KidsThese are all wonderful ways to teach lasting lessons in an entertaining way. Not only will these games help your child strengthen their math and problem solving abilities, they’ll also understand basic money concepts.Finally, encourage your children to save with a purpose and if possible offer to add a small percentage to whatever they have saved. This teaches the lesson of compound interest and how money grows if left untouched.The next time your child wants a new bike, skateboard or series of Karate lessons use it as a chance to challenge their desire for what they want by having them save for it. As an extra incentive agree to match their savings dollar for dollar up to a set amount or a specific period of time.The benefit of this to you is that your child will develop discipline and a habit of not spending every dime they get their hands on. Plus, when you make the goal one that’s reachable even if they fall short, you can assist them so they will be encouraged to try again next time.The biggest thing to remember is to encourage their new saving habits and find ways to support them so they’ll actually think of it as something fun. Once that happens you’ve created a situation that will develop a positive attitude toward saving for a lifetime!