Canon PowerShot SX210IS Digital Camera (14x Optical Zoom, 14 MP)

Canon’s stab at the emerging megazoom compact digital camera market has resulted in the powerful Canon PowerShot SX210IS. Slightly larger than the average compact, the camera fits well in the larger pockets or backpack but is a bit of a tight fit for your average jeans pocket. The design is simple, featuring rounded curves and in a metallic casing that comes in black, purple and gold. The camera’s flash flips open on the top but this leaves very little space to grip but you can keep the flash down if you want. Controls are a bit on the small side but are simple and responsive. Features and functions are mostly accessed via the menu interface.

Feature-wise the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is one of the more powerful megazoom compacts in the market as it has 14-megapixel sensor to go with a 14x optical zoom. It has a good automatic mode that is standard of most Canon cameras but can also switch to manual and semi-manual modes. In these modes you can adjust various settings on the fly like exposure, shutter speed and aperture. The camera takes video as well, recording in H.264.MOV files. Like other compacts it uses SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC flash memory cards. Performance for the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is very good, with image quality bordering on prosumer and DSLR sharpness and color accuracy. However, the camera isn’t as fast as other compact point-and-shoots with a shot-to-shot time of 3.5 seconds without flash and 5.8 seconds with flash. Camera battery life is a bit short as well, only lasting for 260 shots on a single charge.

All in all, the Canon PowerShot SX210IS is the perfect megazoom compact for those who follow the old-school methods of properly framing their shots and videos. The camera’s powerful features do well for this type of photographer as image quality is on par if not equal with more expensive prosumer models.